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'Tis the season to be giving :)

Merry Christmas-season everyone! December in the hogar means something a little new this year. Generally, the girls are finishing up school, enjoying a little bit more of relaxation, and getting ready to celebrate the holiday season together. This year, although we’re still wrapping up classes and shifting to a more laidback schedule, the girls will not be celebrating the holidays together. This is both happy and sad. I was definitely looking forward to celebrating Christmas with the 35 girls – making Christmas cookies with them and seeing their pure excitement and eyes full of wonder on Christmas morning – but God has something a little different in store. For a few weeks, all but a few girls will be visiting some of their family contacts for the holidays. I’m very happy for them to have the opportunity to grow in their family relationships, but there are various things that need to be considered before they all go in separate directions to Deck the Halls ;-)

The most important thing is making sure the girls have their needs met while they’re in living situations that can be uncertain. Over the month that they’re away, each girl will be receiving home visits from our hogar crew including our social worker, the sisters, and us 3 volunteers. One of the main things we will be doing on these home visits is delivering food for the girls in an effort to minimize any financial burden that having an extra mouth to feed in the house could cause. And on a lighter note, the hogar also makes sure to give a gift to each one of the girls on Christmas, which usually consists of practical items like underwear and toothbrushes and a goodie or two thrown in of course.

This Christmas season I wanted to reach out to all of my friends, family, and anyone else who reads along this little blog who may be interested in giving to a new cause this holiday season. If you are able, any financial donations you can give would go directly to the costs of sending food home with the girls for the month and purchasing some Christmas gifts for them.

If you are interested in donating, simply scroll back to the top of this blog and click “CONTRIBUTE TO THE MISSION :)”. Here you will find a pink button that says “click here to donate!” and that’s it!

Anything you can give would be such a blessing to the girls living in the hogar. Your donations will be going towards helping the girls have the most successful holiday family visit possible. And if you are not able to financially donate, PLEASE send along all of your faithful prayers :)


The sisters singing happy birthday to Grace, volunteer, for her birthday!

For Grace's birthday, the girls performed various dances at her bday celebration

Presenting birthday cards and cutting the cake

The candle that wouldn't blow out! And a special gluten-free bread/cake for Grace

Taking some of my students out for ice cream to celebrate the end of the school year

The girls excitedly reading after their godmother sent them a book for Christmas

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