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Sponsor a Student in Bolivia!

Hi everyone!

Olivia Wyles here! I hope that you are all well. As you all may know, I recently returned from doing a year of mission work at an orphanage in Cochabamba, Bolivia. It was the most difficult-- and most fulfilling-- experience of my life and I miss all 35 bright and smiling faces every day! Some of which, we are currently seeking sponsors for...

As the orphanage is filled with girls of all ages (currently 1 yr up to 17 yrs), once they turn 18 they are given the option to either seek out their own contacts with whom to live and get their own footing, or they can choose to enter our transition home, called the Casa San Miguel.

In the Casa San Miguel, the girls are paired with a sponsor who is usually located in the U.S. to help them cover their living and educational expenses while they get a footing on living outside of the orphanage. We are currently looking for sponsors for 2 girls who have recently entered the transition house, and we would LOVE your help! Details on what your donation would be used for is as follows:

- Housing

- Utilities

- Food

- Clothing

- Schooling (fees, uniforms, materials)

- Transportation

While their living expenses are graciously covered by sponsors, the girls are expected to work a part-time job and work with leadership to manage their earnings and are also expected to either (a) finish their high school degree (lower costs) or (b) pursue a post-high school certification or degree (higher costs). The longer that the girls live in the Casa San Miguel, the girls are gradually given more responsibility for their expenses.

Below is basic personal/financial information for the 3 girls looking for sponsors. I've given them new names for privacy sake but if you choose to sponsor them, you would definitely get more info on the lovely girls!:

1. Camila, 18 years old. Camila graduated from high school about a year ago and is waiting to start her post-high school degree in Psychology. She hopes to become a Psychologist, inspired by the psychologist she grew up with in the orphanage! She is the most bubbly girl ever, loves anime, and has always been an incredible leader in the orphanage, classroom, and for her little sister who she keeps a close eye on . ($1480 for one year, $123 monthly)

2. Maria, 18 years old. Maria is about to begin her senior year of high school! Maria is a strong and passionate girl who always knows how to make you smile. She is super tough as she has always served as the motherly figure for her 3 younger sisters. She has always been a leader in the orphanage over the little ones in particular and always made lunch for the entire group on Sundays! Maria also loves playing soccer and she has a heart of gold! ($750 for one year, $63 monthly)

3. Ana, 18 years old. Ana just graduated from high school in December and is waiting to start her post-high school degree in Teaching. Ana is a quiet girl, but also knows how to command an audience and is going to make a great teacher. She is mischievous and fun and a fantastic cook. Ana LOVES to dance and also really loves her older sister. ($1590 for one year, $133 monthly)

** Again, the costs are lower for the girls who are still in high school and higher costs for the girls who are entering a new post-high school study program

If you are interested in being a sponsor for any of these 3 lovely girls, please reach out to me and I will connect you with more information. Seeking out information does not mean commitment, so if you are even a little interested but not completely sure, just let me know

Last thing-- If you are interested in donating but not able to commit to a certain amount, let me know and I will get you the information for making a donation to a general fund for the girls' expenses.

That's all! Blessings!


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