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About the mission

(& a little about me)


My name is Olivia and I'm from the very best flyover state in the USA - Ohio! I'm a recent grad from Miami University and I like to spend my time practicing the ukulele, exercising, digging into the Word, eating ice cream... And now as a postgrad-- I'm serving as a Salesian Lay Missioner in Bolivia! But that's enough about me...

What's this mission about!?

The Salesian Lay Missioner (SLM) program began in 1981, which makes it one of the oldest volunteer/missionary programs in the US! Over 350 SLMs have been sent out to various international and domestic placements to help the Salesians (click here for more on the Salesians) with their mission to serve underprivileged youth all around the world. Salesian Lay Missioners dedicate themselves to works of education, evangelization, and human development among poor youth.

In Bolivia, I will be living and working at a girl's home (orphanage) called Hogar María Auxiliadora and helping to take care of about 45 of God's glorious girls! I'll be doing anything from braiding hair in the morning to teaching & helping with homework to cooking meals and everything in between.

There's plenty more to share.. but you'll have to follow along the blog to learn more :) Please pray for me and this mission!

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